Latin sound with Gabriela Montero

Elim Chan, Gabriela Montero
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sat 24.02.2024 – 20:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sat 24.02.24
Past event

Venezuelan musician Gabriela Montero is a piano superstar. She improvises, composes and succeeds in charming her way into the hearts of audiences around the world with her unrivalled flair. Together with the Antwerp Symphony and Elim Chan, Montero will perform her lively Piano Concerto, in which she blends the rich rhythms of Latin America with European music, to create “a dance of joy and darkness”. Lena Frank’s heart also beats to the tune of these two cultural identities. In her Three Latin American Dances, she references the work of such composers as Ginastera and Bernstein. The latter’s West Side Story would go on to cause a revolution in music and theatre genres. Enjoy a concert programme with lots of symphonic dance music and some vibrant Latin energy!

Met de steun van de Belgische Tax Shelter en Casa Kafka Pictures.


Frank Three Latin-American Dances

Montero Concerto for Piano No. 1, 'Latin'

Ginastera Estancia, opus 8a (suite)

Bernstein West Side Story (Symphonic Dances)