Brahms with Midori and Elim

Elim Chan, Midori
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Fri 24.05.2024 and Sat 25.05.2024
Fri 24.05.24
Sat 25.05.24

Maak Elim Chan een laatste keer mee als chef-dirigent van het Antwerp Symphony Orchestra op dit afscheidsconcert!

How do you deal with the musical legacy of composers who preceded you? Even talented composers like Johannes Brahms grappled with this problem. Brahms spent fifteen years working on his Symphony No. 1, in hopes of rivalling Beethoven’s masterpiece. The tense opening, the subtle anticipatory silences, and languorous melodies helped seal the reputation of his First as a highlight of the romantic repertoire. Dvořák also sought the recognition and approbation of his precursors. With his Violin Concerto, he provided the late- romantic innovation that the genre so direly needed, becoming an audience favourite in the process. Star violinist Midori is the perfect soloist for this poetic, demanding tour de force.

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Dvořák Concerto for Violin in A minor, opus 53

Brahms Symphony No. 1 in C minor, opus 68