Lecture: Every Good Boy Does Fine

Jeremy Denk
Thu 09.05.2024 – 20:00
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Thu 09.05.24
Past event

In Every Good Boy Does Fine: A Love Story in Music Lessons, world-famous classical pianist Jeremy Denk describes his quest for the essence of classical music. Whereas most people equate classical music with majestic concert halls and bravura performances, Denk takes us behind the scenes, showing the daily reality behind all this splendour. He delves deeper into the classical works that formed him – from Mozart to Brahms – and explains the essence of music, based on the three aspects of music, namely melody, harmony and rhythm. Denk shares the most meaningful lessons in his life, in lively, imaginative prose, from a dedicated music teacher in secondary school, the teachings of a local conductor or even the legacy of some great classical musicians. He also reminds us to never forget about what music has to offer: succour, entertainment, distraction and, above all, a refuge.

Lecture in English.