Emelyanychev conducts Tchaikovsky's Pathétique

Maxim Emelyanychev
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 12.01.2025 – 11:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sun 12.01.25

You don't need much imagination to picture the witches' gathering depicted in Modest Mussorgsky's musical rendition in Night on Bald Mountain. It's no surprise this symphonic poem has been featured in numerous films and TV shows! Mussorgsky drew inspiration from Russian folklore for this eerie piece. Likewise, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's famous Sixth Symphony, composed shortly before his death, is a masterpiece. The passionate Adagio at the symphony's end feels like an emotional farewell to life. Tchaikovsky blends emotion, depth, and ecstasy into one masterful work.


Mussorgsky Night on Bald Mountain

Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 6 in B minor, opus 74, 'Pathétique'