Mahler and Korngold with Elim Chan

Elim Chan, Christiane Karg
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Fri 22.03.2024 and Sat 23.03.2024
Fri 22.03.24
Sat 23.03.24

In her series of Mahler symphonies, chief conductor Elim Chan has chosen to present the enchantingly beautiful Symphony No. 4 this season. In this popular symphony, Mahler combines intimate melodies with his astounding orchestration. Like Mahler, Erich Wolfgang Korngold spans the late Romantic period and modernism. This wunderkind would later go on to become one of Hollywood’s most influential composers. His Einfache Lieder demonstrate his consummate lyricism and originality. Prepare to be overwhelmed by this exceptional programme, with soprano Christiane Karg in the starring role!

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