Synesthesia: the link between music and image

Sat 25.11.2023 – 18:15
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sat 25.11.23
Past event

For the performance of Skrjabin's Prométhée (le poème du feu), the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra commissioned light artist Antoine Goldschmidt to create a brand new light choreography. During this symposium, several speakers will dive into the work, the scenography and the phenomenon of synesthesia.

Annamaria Kowalsky (violinist, composer, painter, philosopher, synesthete) will speak on 'Aesthetic Alchemy - Transcendence of artistic spheres' in the keynote presentation. Furthermore, experts Antoine Goldschmidt (light artist), Hans Graf (conductor) and Arne Herman (dramaturg) will elaborate on Skrjabin's Prométhée, light scenography and the other programmed works.

The lectures will be held in Dutch and English.

Free entry with your concert ticket for "Prometheus: the fire and the light". Reserve your spot via this form.