Chamber music: Beethoven's shadow

Musicians of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 15.09.2024 – 15:00
AMUZ, Antwerpen
Sun 15.09.24

The French composer George Onslow, composing in the shadow of Beethoven, was grappling, like his famous contemporary, with deafness. His was caused by a stray bullet to the head during a walk. Onslow translated his experience from his sickbed into music, giving evocative titles to his string quintet such as Fever and Delirium, Convalescence, and Cure. The listener seems to witness a story unfolding through sounds; this is pure program music. The same applies to Beethoven’s Horn Sonata in F, one of the key works in the chamber music repertoire for the horn.


Beethoven Sonata for French horn in F major, opus 17 (arr. for string quintet)

Onslow String Quartet nr. 15 in C minor, opus 38, 'The Bullet'