Prometheus: Fire and Light

Hans Graf, Nicolas Namoradze, Antoine Goldschmidt
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sat 25.11.2023 – 20:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sat 25.11.23
Past event

Synaesthetic sound and light spectacular with music by visionary composers.

Liszt, Schönberg, and Scriabin: they all looked to music to free themselves from mundane distractions. And all three were completely enthralled by the myth of Prometheus, who defied the gods by stealing fire from them and giving it to humanity setting civilisation in motion. The Internationally renowned pianist Nicolas Namoradze will join the orchestra as the soloist in Liszt’s Totentanz and Scriabin’s Prometheus. Belgian light artist Antoine Goldschmidt was tasked with creating a new light choreography to Scriabin’s Prometheus for this concert, in which we take a closer look at the connections between music and other art disciplines. Sit back and enjoy a synaesthetic sound and light spectacular with music by visionary composers.


Liszt Prometheus

Liszt Dance of the Dead: Paraphrase on Dies irae, S.126

Schoenberg Accompaniment to a Film Scene

Scriabin Prometheus, The Poem of Fire, opus 60