Sounds of Flanders: homegrown talent

Karel Deseure, Wouter Valvekens
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sat 21.06.2025 – 15:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sat 21.06.25

This concert brings together several Flemish masters. One painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder inspired two composers to create orchestral works. Erik Desimpelaere captured the brooding atmosphere of The Triumph of Death in his apocalyptic Danses Macabres. He tolls death bells and incorporates typical rhythmic patterns into his exuberant dances of death. The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra presents a world premiere, embracing the opportunity to showcase new Flemish heritage. Many years earlier, Daniel Sternefeld also set Brueghel's scene to vivid and poignant music. Like Denise Tolkowsky, Sternefeld was an Antwerp Jewish composer forced into hiding during World War II. Both played significant roles in shaping post-war Flemish music. Tolkowsky's Piano Concerto remained overlooked for too long, but now, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra brings attention to this undiscovered gem.

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Desimpelaere Danses Macabres

Tolkowsky Concerto for Piano, opus 38

Sternefeld Symphony No. 2, 'Brueghel'

Karel Deseure


Wouter Valvekens