New Year's concert with Selina Ott

Lio Kuokman, Selina Ott
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sat 04.01.2025 – 20:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sat 04.01.25

The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra kicks off the year with an original and captivating New Year's concert. Austria and France join hands in a festive celebration: traditional waltzes and polkas abound, complemented by the heartwarming music of Berlioz and Offenbach, creating a lively atmosphere. We applaud the bright sounds of Selina Ott, who shines in Henri Tomasi’s delightful Trumpet Concerto and engages in a spirited suite by Florent Schmitt with the orchestra. Together with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, led by conductor Lio Kuokman, we usher in the New Year on this musical journey from Vienna to Paris."

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Update: de datum van dit concert werd na de publicatie van onze seizoensbrochure gewijzigd naar za 04.01.2025 - 20:00


Berlioz Carnaval Romain, opus 9

Tomasi Trumpet Concerto

Roussel Bacchus and Ariane (Suite No. 1)

Offenbach La Vie Parisienne (Overture)

Schmitt Suite in Three Parts (for trumpet and orchestra)

Strauss jr. Pizzicato Polka

Strauss jr. Frühlingsstimmen, opus 410

Strauss jr. Unter Donner und Blitz, opus 324

Lio Kuokman


Selina Ott