School performance: Moby Dick

Tobias Wögerer, Joris Van den Brande, Koen De Graeve, Günther Lesage
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Fri 28.03.2025
Fri 28.03.25

The thrilling and philosophical tale of Moby Dick continues to capture the imagination. Renowned actors Joris Van den Brande, Koen De Graeve, and Günther Lesage from Lazarus theater company bring Herman Melville's classic about the white whale to life in a version for all ages. Immerse yourself in the adventures of Skipper, Ishmael, and the peg-legged Captain Ahab, who drags everyone into his quest for revenge against the creature that maimed him. The Antwerp Symphony Orchestra enhances the mythical story with riveting music by Bernard Herrmann and Richard Wagner. The Queen Elisabeth Hall, stellar actors, and the entire orchestra guarantee an unforgettable outing with your children.

School performance for 4th-6th grade.


KID concert to music by Wagner and Herrmann


Tobias Wögerer