Pictures at an Exhibition on Sunday morning

Lionel Bringuier, Raphael Bell
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 03.12.2023 – 11:00
Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
Sun 03.12.23
Past event

Modest Mussorgsky’s most popular work is probably his Pictures at an exhibition. He started from the painter Viktor Hartmann’s sketches for his piano cycle. The suite is an extensive demonstration of the composer’s talent for convey imagery with notes, from a rattling ox-drawn cart and a wooden house on chicken legs to a bustling market in Limoges and the great city gates of Kyiv. Édouard Lalo’s superb Cello Concerto is perhaps less well known to music audiences. The French composer lets the cello take centre stage in this expressive, colourful concerto. Join us on Sunday morning for some masterpieces of symphonic music!


Lalo Concerto for Cello in D minor

Mussorgsky Pictures at an Exhibition (orchestration Maurice Ravel)