Lectures and reading groups

Delve into the lives of the personalities who give a face to the seasonal theme 'Vocation'.

Throughout the season, you can participate in lectures and reading groups that will give you an insight into the lives of various personalities who give a face to the seasonal theme "Vocation". Focus artists Nicolas Namoradze (pianist, composer and neuropsychologist) and Jeremy Denk (pianist and author), and Kurt van Eeghem (author and presenter) will discuss (their) multi-talents during an interactive lecture. In the reading groups, you will dive into selected literary works as a group and under the guidance of experts from De Groene Waterman. The ideal way to share your reading experiences with other book lovers.

Book package

Throughout the season and in cooperation with De Groene Waterman, we will take a closer look at four books, each exploring an aspect of the seasonal theme. Are you reading along? Order your book package from De Groene Waterman and get 10% off the total price.

Please note

  • Limited seats per reading. Being quick is the message.
  • Purchased lecture tickets will not be refunded or exchanged.
  • Friends do not need to reserve tickets and come for free by showing their Friends pass.