Lecture: Endless Consciousness by Pim van Lommel

Pim van Lommel
Wed 06.11.2024 – 20:00
Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Wed 06.11.24

In the lecture "Endless Consciousness", cardiologist Pim van Lommel reveals an innovative concept about the continuity of our consciousness. Based on recent scientific research on near-death experiences, this lecture offers an in-depth exploration of the mysterious terrain between life and death.

Van Lommel takes us through the ancient history of extraordinary experiences following life-threatening crises. With improved survival rates thanks to advanced resuscitation techniques, these experiences are increasingly reported and documented. What makes these experiences so universal, transcending time and culture?

The lecture takes a challenging look at the limitations of our current medical understanding regarding consciousness and memories in relation to the brain. Van Lommel asks the question: how is it possible for people to experience clear consciousness, including memories, emotions and self-identity, at the moment when the brain temporarily ceases to function? Answering that question lends insight into a concept where consciousness does not necessarily coincide with the functioning of the brain, but can also be experienced separately from the body.

Pim van Lommel, born in 1943, is a renowned cardiologist and researcher. His years of dedication to studying near-death experiences have led to numerous publications, international recognition and prestigious awards. His book "Endless Consciousness" is a bestseller and offers a scientific perspective on these intriguing phenomena.

Explore the depths of consciousness and the limits of our understanding in this fascinating lecture presented by a pioneer in the field of consciousness studies.