Chamber music: Brahms with Jeremy Denk

Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 12.05.2024 – 15:00
AMUZ, Antwerpen
Sun 12.05.24
Past event

Volumes have been written on the friendship between Schumann and Brahms. Both composers represent a softer, gentler romanticism. But there are differences too: while Brahms always succeeded in maintaining the balance between his intellect and his emotions, Schumann’s troubled mind produced darker works. After his death, Brahms composed the monumental Piano Quartet No. 2 in A Major, a perfect example of romantic Weltschmerz. The extended, melancholic melodies are reminiscent of Schubert’s work, who demonstrates in his String Trio in B flat major why he is called the master of introspection. A programme featuring some undisputed masterpieces of the chamber music repertoire, by world-class pianist Jeremy Denk and musicians of the Antwerp Symphony.


Schubert String trio in Bes, D 47

Schumann Adagio and Allegro, opus 70

Brahms Piano Quartet no. 2 in A, opus 26