Chamber music: Baroque trio sonatas

Musicians of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 08.12.2024 – 15:00
AMUZ, Antwerpen
Sun 08.12.24

AMUZ provides the perfect setting for this concert featuring Baroque trio sonatas. Georg Friedrich Händel and Antonio Vivaldi headline the program, with Jan Dismas Zelenka's surprisingly expressive music eagerly rediscovered. Like them, Jean-Baptiste Loeillet, born in Ghent, achieved acclaim as a chamber music composer in London. The recipe for Baroque trio sonatas is simple: two melodic instruments engage in dialogue, accompanied by chord and bass instruments. Virtuosity, contrapuntal refinement, and melodic richness make these works a delight for the ears.


Vivaldi Trio Sonata in G minor, RV 81

Handel Sonata in G minor, opus 2 No. 5

Loeillet Trio Sonata in D minor, opus 2 No. 4

Zelenka Trio Sonata in C minor