Baron Swerts Academy

Baron Swerts Academy: the orchestra academy of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

With the Baron Swerts Academy, we offer conservatory students and recently graduated musicians intensive orchestral training within the orchestra for one season. They perform in at least 10 orchestral productions and are accompanied by the orchestra members. In addition, Academists receive individual lessons, workshops and audition training, and work out their own chamber music programme for performances in and around Antwerp under the name Antwerp Symphony Orchestra Mobile.

The orchestra academy was founded in 2018 and bears the name of its main sponsor, Vic Baron Swerts, since 2023.


The auditions for season 2024-2025 have ended. To stay up to date on the auditions for the 2025-2026 season, keep an eye on this page.

Antwerp Symphony & Julie Rommelaere

Experiences from our academics

"When I saw the Academy's extensive offer I totally went for it. I really like it, it is a super cool orchestra to play with, there is a pleasant atmosphere and the residence in the Queen Elisabeth Hall is beautiful."
- Ciska Vandelanotte, violinist

"All the musicians are very involved and enjoy it. My designated coach sits next to me, helps me well and also gives me tips. So I really liked it after the first day."
- Iedje van Wees, cellist

About the Academy

Who can apply?

Musicians who:

  • are under 27 years of age
  • are pursuing or have pursued an undergraduate degree in music (or equivalent), and
  • are nationals of a member state of the European Economic Area or Switzerland, or already hold a valid work permit.
Components of the academy course

The academy course of the Baron Swerts Academy consists of the following parts:

  • an academy course lasts one season
  • playing a minimum of 10 productions, accompanied by mentors from the orchestra
  • at least 10 individual lessons with conductors and/or other members of the orchestra
  • a group mental training session
  • a movement workshop (Alexander technique)
  • audition training: preparation during the individual lessons for a final audition at the end of the period
  • mentorship: an orchestra member from the group to which the student belongs is appointed
  • godfather/mother of the student, who accompanies the student and participates in the programme
    improvisation workshop linked to a Re-Mix project led by Paul Griffiths

Candidates who complete the entire programme may call themselves "Academist of Antwerp Symphony Orchestra".

After a positive final evaluation, students will have three years' access to the second round of auditions of equivalent positions for Antwerp Symphony Orchestra.

Baron Swerts Academy Alumni

 Season 2022-2023

Roberto Quartararo, violin
Bérénice Awouters, violin
Audinga Musteikytė, viola
Irene Cervera Esteban, cello
Nassim Attar, double bass
Elias Blanco, percussion

Season 2021-2022

Laura Sánchez Larín, violin
Robin Veldman, violin
Alice Sinacori, viola
Laia Ruiz Llopart, cello
Floyd Vermaes, double bass
Tom Pritchard, percussion

Season 2019-2020

Dámaso Escauriaza, percussion
Miguel Moreno Traba, double bass
Emma Kroon, cello
Karin van Rens, horn
Jose Miguel Freitas, viola
Filipe Costa Raposo, violin
Isabelle Rowland, violin

Season 2018-2019

Iedje van Wees, cello
Helena Custers, double bass
Koen Slootmans, percussion
Ciska Vandelanotte, violin
Edgar Maia Gomes, violin
Quinten De Gelaen, horn

Questions? Get in touch

Kumi Kondo
03 213 54 31

The Academy at work

    • Fri 10.05.24
      Muziekcentrum De Bijloke, Ghent
    • Sat 11.05.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Sun 28.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Sun 28.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Thu 25.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Thu 25.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Fri 26.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
    • Fri 26.01.24
      Queen Elisabeth Hall, Antwerpen
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