The Four Seasons’ (8+)

Freek De Craecker, Lisanne Soeterbroek, Nana Hiraide, Filipe Costa Raposo, Mona Verhas, Herlinde Verjans, Minori Yamato, Elaine Ng, Natalia Buga, Raphael Bell, Diego Liberati, Vlad Raţiu, Pieter-Jan Verhoyen
Musicians of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sat 04.11.2023
Sat 04.11.23

Lisanne Soeterbroek is our multitalented concertmaster: in addition to her senior role with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, she also sings, takes photos, and is an excellent narrator. When Antonio Vivaldi released his world-famous violin cycle The Four Seasons, he also composed a sonnet for each season. The music and poetry combine to tell a timeless story about the seasons and the splendour of nature. Prepare to give your imagination free rein in this performance of Vivaldi’s superb music. An indispensable introduction to classical music, for young and not so young listeners, and a unique chamber music experience for the whole family.


Family concert with music by Vivaldi and narration