Chamber music: Three string octets

Musiciens of the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra
Sun 16.06.2024 – 15:00
AMUZ, Antwerpen
Sun 16.06.24
Past event

The string octet offers the best of both worlds, combining the full resonance of a string orchestra with the soloistic virtuosity and clarity of a chamber music ensemble. Max Bruch, an incurable romantic, composed his swansong, the String Octet in B-Flat Major, towards the end of his life. A few years later, Dimitri Shostakovich would embrace modernity in his Prelude and Scherzo, opus 11. Reinhold Glière’s String Octet in D Major strikes a compromise between the two. While the fiery temperament is indisputably Russian, the lyricism harks back to German romanticism. Enjoy three key early 20th-century chamber pieces.


Glière String octet in D, opus 5

Sjostakovitsj Prelude and scherzo, opus 11

Bruch String octet in Bes, op. posth.